Fashion Tips for Flattering Every Body Type DreamPants

Fashion Tips for Flattering Every Body Type

Fashion Tips for Flattering Every Body Type

From the Sympli Staff

Enhance your figure whether you’re short, tall, curvy or angular.

Last year, we wrote a post all about how women can dress their body type. We taught you how to measure your body and learn which shape you are so that you can take your outfits from fine to fabulous. Now we’re taking it one step further, with tips on how to flatter that figure so you never have to feel uncomfortable in your clothes again. We’ve taken the body types we already learned about and expanded on how to dress your best, with suggested pieces from Sympli’s high-quality, comfortable closet.
women body shapesCircle / Round

Embrace your curves and wear something with a fit-and-flare shape or draw attention to your bust and neck with a V-neck top. Choose a wide-leg pant over something straight or skinny to help balance out wider shoulders. Tops and dresses that drape, as well, smooth out and elongate the body, as do darker colours. 

Our selection: Lynk Tunic, Split Sleeve V-Neck Top, Wide Leg Trouser, Reversible Narrow Lantern Dress.


Work your middle: Figure-hugging fits help define the waist, as does colour-blocking that breaks up your upper and lower half. Avoid oversize silhouettes as they tend to swallow, not spotlight.

Our selection: Mock Neck Tank, Safari Skirt, Foxy Key Vest, Faux Leather Legging.


Column-style bodies can bring the drama––think prints, texture, bright colours, and accessories. Shift the focus of your look by adding details depending on the mood, occasion and style you’re going for.

Our selection: Whisper 2-Tone Kimono, Cutting Edge Dress.


The hips are the focal point of this body type, so waist-cinching pieces are your go-tos. Think pencil skirts, high-waist trousers and fit-and-flare dresses. Tops that accentuate your shoulders also draw the eye up if you’d prefer not to highlight your hips; straight-leg pants or ones with a slight flare elongate the silhouette.

Our selection: Slice It Tunic, Trapeze Dress 3/4 Length Sleeve, Straight Leg Pant.

Inverted Triangle

Add curves to your lower half with skirts, dresses or tunics that flare at the hips. It also helps to choose items with built-in belts to cinch in your waist or add one yourself. However, when it comes to pants, embrace the skinny leg and show off your lengthy gams.

Our selection: Nu Whisper Split Back Top, Narrow Pant Long, Nu Yoke Legging.

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